Evangelism is proclaiming the Good News that Christ died and rose to rescue the world from sin and death.

The Bethlehem Star Baptist Church (BSBC) Evangelism Ministry was started by our own Pastor Emeritus James C. Coats over 30 years ago as part of the National Evangelism Movement, Inc.  The National Evangelism Movement is an association of over 160 churches stretching across the United States, Nova Scotia and Trinidad, with the singular goal of sharing the concept of a systematic approach to witnessing for Christ know as Follow Through Evangelism.  Our evangelism ministry is an outreach ministry that provides an educational program promoting evangelism in our local church, community churches and worldwide.  The school is a series of eight classes (101-106C) that are taught at BSBC twice yearly (spring and fall) under the curriculum of the National Evangelism Movement.  Upon completion of the curriculum, the student graduates with the knowledge to fulfill the Great Commission as stated in Matthew 28:19-20.

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Classes listed by name…

101 – Introduction to Evangelism

102 – Preparation for On The Job training

103 – Conversational Evangelism

104 – Conversational Practicum

105 – Responding to False Doctrines

106a – Methods and Techniques in Evangelism

106b – An Approach to Evangelism through Counseling Techniques

106c – Group Counseling